Santiago and its wonders

Holà chicos,

You have already had the right to some articles about our life in Santiago, but we haven’t told you about the city and the wonders it hides.
I will therefore be in charge of sharing with you my beautiful discoveries. And, of course, I’m not going to spare you my great culinary skills. But let’s start quietly, shall we?


Did you know that there are more than ten parks in Santiago? Well, I admit that there are some more or less grown-ups, but all of them are very popular with Chileans, whether at lunchtime or to breathe after a busy day at work.
My favorite is Bicentenario Park. It is a few minutes from my house, and as soon as I discovered it I enjoyed running there from time to time. There are even pink flamingos!!!!! (see picture)

But it’s not the biggest one I’ve ever walked. Last weekend I went hiking with two friends to one of the many parks on the Andes mountain range, called Quebrada de Macul. Well, I can tell you it was going well. The landscape is magnificent, I found an air of South of France, the crickets and olive trees were missing and I swear to you that we were there.

The last one I will talk about is the Metropolitan Park of Santiago, in which you can climb the Cerro San Cristobal. A Cerro is a hill on the top of which there is a religious building. I have been there several times already, because you can see the whole city of Santiago and a beautiful sunset (you even have the right to a picture of me with it. And yes, you should be lucky!)

The Sunset and me
The view and me


Let’s get down to business now.

So, for those who don’t know me, I am a great epicurean and cook, so I am happy to find the addresses not to be missed in each city I visit.

Like all major capitals, Santiago does not lack restaurants from all over the world. Indian, Peruvian, American, Italian, Mexican, and even French! And I must admit that I have already tested many of them. Between Burgers, Pizza, Buddha Bowl, Sushi…we always find our happiness. Speaking of sushi, a little aside, here one of their specialties is fried sushi. Yes yes yes you read well. Here is a small picture to give you an idea. They are sushi as you know them, but they add a frying pan around them and fry them, so you can only eat them with chicken or vegetarian.

on the left you can discover these famous fried sushi. Here they are with peppers and fresh cheese.

Let’s go to the burgers. Here, there is something for every taste and every diet. There are some that are more gourmet than others, such as one in which a fried flowing cheese is added. Then, others more healthy, like the vegetarian burger from Bravo 195 (which became my HQ, see photo) with a red bean steak, sheep’s cheese, tomatoes, avocado, and a nice fried egg to top it all off! A real delight! Not to mention the great homemade fries to accompany it.

Vegetarian Burger signature Bravo 951

On the pizza side too, I found something to make my little thing happy. As a fan of Neapolitan pizza, I was surprised to find a good number of addresses that make it. I’ve already done almost everything! Here is one of my favorite pizzeria, both by the place and by their pizza (see picture Omerta).

Then to finish, I was pleasantly surprised ( yes i’m often surprised in life) to find a multitude of healthy and vegetarian/vegan addresses where you can enjoy wonderful bowl, good big avocado bread, hummus….. in short you understood the idea…

On this friends I leave you, I haven’t finished exploring everything yet! But I’ll be back soon for new adventures!

See you soon!


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