Well arrived in Santiago!

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I have been in Chile for more than two weeks now, so I have a lot to tell you!

On March 1st I took a plane from Roissy Charles de Gaulle and as I like to simplify my life I went through Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. Easy for a first flight! On the other hand, my arrival at Santiago airport was a little more complicated: I was stuck at Customs for almost an hour and my brand-new suitcase arrived completely broken… After making a complaint in “franglespagnol”, I was finally able to leave the airport with my bag and my two suitcases, I let you imagine.

Fortunately, I was very warmly welcomed by Cristian and Mary, the couple sharing their apartment with me and Marion. I honestly think we couldn’t have met nicer people!  They were able to reassure me and even accompanied me shopping and buying a metro card and a SIM card.

From the very beginning, they took it very seriously to make me discover the city, its history and the Chilean way of life.

I realized that the rhythm of Chilean life corresponds for many to mine: staggered mealtimes, late wake-up and bedtime… I think I am Chilean girl! And contrary to what I thought, my Spanish level is not so bad.

In addition, while my student life was all about eating pasta, I am learning to cook with Mary.

As far as classes are concerned, in Chile the start of the school takes place on 18 March, which corresponds to the end of the summer here. I went to the Arcos Institute to choose the classes that I wanted to attend and to my great surprise, there again the Chilean rhythm is very present. To give you an idea, here is my schedule:

  • Monday: 4:15 pm – 10 pm
  • Tuesday: 2pm – 10.30pm
  • Wednesday: no class
  • Thursday: 7pm – 10pm
  • Friday: no class!

I chose to follow classes in event management and production, sound systems, photography and communication. All this by being able to sleep in the morning and working in the evening, it suits me perfectly!

As the school year has started today, I will come back to you very soon to give you news of my Chilean adventure.

Hasta pronto!


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