The Parlamentarium

« Belgique – Bruxelles – Parlement européen » by saigneurdeguerre

The first article on our experience at the IHECS, it’s time to immerse yourself in the context of our arrival! 

We got off at Brussels train station on Saturday 25 January. The following week was devoted to our integration and the one of all the new Erasmus students at IHECS. Loïc Hennemont, who works in the school’s international relations department, had prepared a week of lessons and visits for us to discover Belgian culture and the city of Brussels. 

It was an opportunity to meet our classmates who come from all over the world. All continents are represented (except Oceania) through the sixty students who arrived this semester. 

Every morning we had a class. One on the European Union, another on cultural specificities and a last one on Belgian institutions. The afternoons were dedicated to visits. We visited the historical centre of Brussels, a chocolate factory and the Magritte museum for example. But today I would like to tell you about our visit to the Parlamentarium: the museum of the European Parliament.

The museum itself is not particularly more interesting than any other, it makes us rediscover the history of the European Union through an interactive exhibition. 

What was interesting, however, was when we went there. We were indeed on the eve of a historic event for this political organisation: The Brexit! 

On 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom left the Europe of 28, which will now be called the Europe of 27. 

We felt that a special atmosphere reigned in the European district of the Belgian capital. The museum was also in the middle of preparations for the event, which prevented us from accessing part of the exhibition. 

If we go back there in a few years, you can be sure that this day of 31 January 2020 will be mentioned there. We will be able to play the elders by saying that we visited this museum at a time when the European Union was still made up of 28 countries! 


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