Stuttgart 2019: our assessment


With a lot of emotion, I am coming today to make a summary of my Erasmus, but where to begin? These 5 months abroad made me grow on every level, in my mind but also in an academic way. I’ve been dreaming about doing this program since middle school, especially for studying in English. That is why I chose to leave for Stuttgart! At the beginning, I was a bit worried to go to Germany, because of the language I didn’t know a word of and because I wasn’t very attracted by Germany. But it seems like German people talk really well English, as well as staying attached to their traditions. In 5 months, all my biases on Germany disappeared as I discovered this heart-warming and festive culture.

At school, German students and the teaching staff welcomed us warmly. I lived in a dorm full of international students coming from all over the world. Parties, mutual support, sharing: the key words of this international community. There, no one is left alone and everyone found his/her friends. When you leave far away from your pairs and in an unknown town, that is reassuring. I was travelling already through all the people I’ve met. But I also had so many free time to actually travel in Germany and other countries, you must know that if you followed us on social media.

The Erasmus experience is enriching in many points because it makes you go out of your comfort zone to travel and learn at the same time. It is a real opportunity to be immersed in a culture and study in a new school for a semester, so I wanted to thank the IUT Bordeaux Montaigne and Ms. Blot for the organisation of those international partnerships that open our minds and make our academic journey stronger. Even if it can be intimadating at the beginning, all the memories I’ve made during 5 months will stay in my mind forever. I am so proud I’ve realised all the projects I wanted during this semester abroad, something I would have never be able to do by staying in my comfort zone in Bordeaux. Erasmus is a life adventure, an adventure I will continue to tell in 20 years, stars in the eyes. I realised my dream and I wish you all to go and live this amazing experience that you can only live once!


I came back to my small French countryside one week ago, so it’s time to make an assessment of this Erasmus experience that has made me grow up and evolve.

We all experience the Erasmus adventure in a different way. Some make dozens of friends and go out in the evening very often, others immerse themselves in the courses, others take the opportunity to travel and discover the heritage of their host country and those in the surrounding area. I am in the third category. In love with travel, these four months gave me the opportunity to go to Copenhagen, Munich, Athens, Berlin and Crete, in addition to visiting the cities around Stuttgart. My favorites? Esslingen, Tübingen, Heidelberg and the gardens of Ludwigsburg.

If at first sight Stuttgart didn’t seem like the perfect city for me, taking the time to visit the surrounding cities and certain districts was the best decision. Germany is a beautiful country if you take the time to discover it and it is full of varied landscapes, between the countryside plains, the black forest in Bavaria, the wild and almost rebellious rhythm of Berlin, the beauty of the gardens, all the castles, etc. It is also very easy to travel from Stuttgart because the airport serves many countries and cities, and Germany is a border country for many others. 

Erasmus also means meeting people who will leave their mark on you among the fifty or so international students who are here at the same time as you and the German students at the university. People who push you into your projects, who become your pillars for some of them, who allow you to hold on when it gets difficult. A real atmosphere of support prevails between all Erasmus. 

But the Erasmus adventure is above all about growing. These four months abroad have changed me and allowed me to evolve, to define and to build myself. As in any experience, there have been ups and downs, but each event has allowed me to learn about myself and others, to know what I want and what I don’t. I feel that I am more independent than before, that my vision on certain things has changed. I discovered who I was, and I don’t regret having tried the Erasmus adventure. If you have the opportunity to experience it, go for it.

Thank you for following our adventures, hoping that we made you travel with us!


To review this adventure in a few words is not easy, many moments come to my mind. This Erasmus semester has been much more than a change, it is a real evolution in my personal and professional life. These six months were punctuated by meetings, trips, opportunities, and knowledge. Going abroad and experiencing the unknown is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world around you. Sometimes you must know when to leave at the right time to come back better. 

Stuttgart is a surprising city, being lost there is sometimes necessary to capture those moments that we will not forget. I was lucky enough to meet some wonderful people, especially my German friends who have successfully integrated me into their own country and their projects. And then my two friends from Singapore, Esther and Enkainia with whom I shared this adventure and now these beautiful memories. 

I am very grateful to have been part of this experience. Thus, I would like to especially thank Mrs Blot for her trust, and to offer us this great opportunity to leave.