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Hey, everybody ! Today I’m going to tell you about a class I have at IHECS, or at least I had…

As I already announced on Facebook, after the announcements made by the president and the precautions taken, I went home to La Rochelle on Saturday, March 14. I am therefore in confinement at home surrounded by my family, taking the classes by video-conference. So I’m going to tell you about the radio course I took at IHECS. I’m going to tell you about the course and the expectations of our teacher before the arrival of Covid-19, and then the improvements that have been put in place.

The radio course takes place every Tuesday morning and lasts two hours: it is a course reserved for the French programme but some foreigners who speak the language well can access it.

The main aim of this course is to create, organise and host a live radio programme of about 20 minutes on the subject we wish to discuss. We have to create sub-topics, to animate the show with reports, interviews etc.

The first lessons were for technique and theory, the teacher gave us explanations about the material we could use, he explained how the editing software, sound recording etc. worked.

With my group, we decided to talk about cinema and the place of women in cinema. We wanted to meet different women working in this field: a technician, a screenwriter, an actress, a producer and a director. We also wanted to talk about the different awards obtained by women in this world. We will divide them into different sub-topics for our show. We will also be able to do telephone interviews to enrich our subject.

Since I came back to France and we are in confinement, the teacher decided to change the course a little bit. Being confined, we can’t meet people for our reports. We will therefore focus on the realization of independent subjects such as individual podcasts that we will gather later during the live production (if we can return to Belgium in time…).

So we will see how the rest of the course will go with containment!
In the meantime stay at home and take care of yourself and your loved ones !



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