Santiago: our review


3 and a half months of immersion. This is an experience that makes you grow. New country, new population, new landscapes, new culture… in short, new what!

I am very grateful to have been able to live this experience. Chile is a beautiful and rich country. Despite a small psychological gap between the French and the Chileans (who sometimes have some problems of logic and speed), they are very kind and helpful people. The rhythm of life is not so far from the French and is closer to them than to the Spanish. Adaptation is therefore done rather quickly. As an Erasmus student, the courses are slightly less intense, which means that you can make many trips inside or outside the country. In small or large groups, these moments bring us closer together and allow us to discover real wonders.

This stay will remain a great memory, due to the many encounters I have had and the beauty of the country.



Hola muchachos !

As you read our review article, I just got on the plane back to France. As you can see, we’re pretty good at timings at Read and Ride!

My Chilean adventure has just ended, after a little over four months here.

It was really a wonderful experience that allowed me to take exciting courses, realize great projects and meet many people. I learned a lot about Chile, its history and culture.

I even had the chance to take dance lessons and make one of my dreams come true: to see the stars in Atacama!

I would like to sincerely thank the IUT Bordeaux Montaigne and more particularly Mrs Blot, who puts all her energy and will to set up such beautiful partnerships. Thank you for allowing me to experience such an adventure.

So it’s on these few words that I’ll leave you to finish my journey… It’s now time for me to make way for the thesis, the summer job and the pro license… a whole program!

And above all, if you have the opportunity to travel, whether for your studies or for a holiday, don’t hesitate: go for it!

Hasta luego

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