Return to France and containment

Hey, everybody! Today I’m going to tell you about my return to France, and what I’m doing during lockdown to keep busy.

I came back to France 10 days ago because I had no more classes at IHECS because of COVID-19 and no more work because all the cafes have closed. So I exchanged my train and bus tickets, a step that turned out to be more complicated than expected… I think a lot of people were connected at the same time on the sites to order tickets and so I spent my whole Friday night there to book my train trip from Paris to Bordeaux for the next day. I couldn’t manage to book my bus ticket to Paris and I had to book it on Saturday morning, the day I left two hours before… A rather stressful departure in this already scary period!

So all Saturday, I took the transport: 7 hours by bus to go Brussels-Paris (there was no more room for faster buses), 30 minutes by metro in Paris (when I had to change stations due to demonstrations), 3 hours waiting in the train station (which allowed me to meet a childhood friend living in Paris), 2 hours by train to go Paris-Bordeaux then 2 hours by blablacar to meet my boyfriend… a very long day with my backpack and a big suitcase full of stuff!

After these various adventures, I was finally able to settle down and now confine myself to my home with my family and my boyfriend. And in this period of confinement, we try to keep ourselves as busy as we can: board games, poker, ping-pong, darts, movies, series, sport (running), work and cooking (cooking the recipes I miss, to the good memory of Belgium) !!

In the meantime, take care of yourself and your loved ones !



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