Preparation for departure

Going on a trip for a long period of time necessarily requires a great deal of preparation. Indeed, a complete and well organized suitcase must be thought out and made in advance. First, before leaving to find out where you are going, you need to do some research on the host country, its culture, the lifestyle of its inhabitants, its geographical environment and its weather. These details can help us in the constitution of our suitcases and thus know the clothes and accessories to bring.

Most of the time, travel is by plane, and the weight of the suitcase should not exceed 23kg. With this information, it is essential to manage the quantities and volumes of business that we will need to optimize our stay. We always tend to clutter up unnecessarily, with an extra t-shirt, a sweater here, a pair of jeans there, oh and then this beautiful scarf, and this soft vest, you never know if it’s very cold… And in the end you always come back with clean clothes that haven’t been used. It is therefore very useful to know yourself based on past experiences to avoid unnecessary overload.  

In addition, another small detail concerning the contents of the hand luggage (if any), make sure that there is no sharp object, and no liquid products of more than 100ml that will be confiscated from you at customs, but on this point I think you are not learning anything.

With this some pre-travel information, you are ready and ready for a great stay on the other side of the world (or not at all). Be organized and methodical, and you can even find a place for your favorite socks. All of you, pack your bags!