Practice course : presentation about a course

Today I’m going to present you one of my course I chose and which I’m interested in. First of all, I will explain you as quickly as possible, how we chose our courses for IHECS.

Before leaving France, we received a course list in link with the second semester. We could choose our courses, which we preferred and were interested in (at least 3). Then, we could test those courses during 15 days and finally sending our Learning Agreement about all the courses we going to have for 5 months.

I’ve chosen 4 courses and I really like one : Practice video and TV. This one, as you can understand, is about practice in video, shooting and setting. 

It is separate in 2 parts:

  • The first :  I will do, with my team, a shooting and setting about a “Pulp Fiction” scene (by Quentin Tarantino). We will be graduate about the setting, our shooting and the originality. During 2 months, the teacher will give us pieces of advice and will following our work in the setting. Some material can be borrow during all the year : camera, tie-micro, light… Everything is here to help us.
  • In a second part we will do a portrait about someone or a group. We will be graduate about the setting and the sound. Now I don’t have enough information to talk more about this part.  

 I like this course because it is a practical course and less theoretical course and it is in English. I chose the French programme and I thought it could be good idea to keep English course to practice the language and improve my English. Also I could be with my Erasmus friend so it is just a benefice course for me. This course learns me how shooting, setting, manipulate the sound the light …

I am excited about sharing you our project, improving in this section and one day, using this abilities as a competence.


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