Our profiles


HIIIII ! I am Angeline, 20 years old and an adventurous soul who will soon come out of hiding. LV2 Spanish during all my scholarship, I still chose to venture into the beautiful city of Stuttgart in Germany for 5 months. But don’t worry, we’ll study an English program, a language I love to study and practice every day. Coffee shops, small German streets, museums and trips to the surrounding countries: I intend to share my experience with you and take you everywhere with me. As a loyal user of social networks and spending at least 5 hours a day on Instagram, I don’t expect you to be left without content! I also like to write and share so count on me to write pretty blog articles for you. 

Anyway, Erasmus is an opportunity for me to escape, to inspire myself and to realize my dreams, if you knew how much I look forward to it… So stay tuned!


Angelina, 19 years old and passionate about travel, fashion, beauty, and especially space. The departure for Germany is scheduled for the end of February and for the moment, I can only say “Ich bin eine kartoffel”, literally “I am a potato”. Although it will be difficult for me to leave my beloved France and all the people I love, I look forward to discover Germany and its surroundings. Apart from that, I am a lover of photography and the English language (and the British accent of course). Notice to my followers Instagram and Twitter, you have not finished hearing about this great adventure that is Erasmus! See you soon in Stuttgart, and everywhere else! 



I am Annabelle, and in a few months I will have the chance to go to Germany, in Stuttgart. I intend to discover its unusual places, travel and meet the unknown. 

Passionate about the arts, it will be under the sign of culture that I will discover the richness of this city. 

Obviously, I am taking you with me throughout these 6 months, which will be rich in meetings and sharing.