Let’s take our marks !

Hey, everybody! 

I’ve been in Brussels for two weeks now. And I’ve started to get my bearings! 

First of all, I’m going to tell you about my departure and the integration week before telling you about the habits I’m starting to develop in Brussels.

I left La Rochelle (where I live) by train with my mom (because carrying two suitcases, backpacks, duvet and pillows, alone I would never have made it!) in the direction of Brussels. On arrival, we went in our AirBnB for two nights because my accommodation only became available on January 28th. 

We were able to take a tour of the city and eat in different restaurants that our host had recommended to us: the “Nona” pizzeria (you have to be patient because by 6.30 pm the restaurant is full), “Frites Atelier” (fries that are not Belgian, they are Dutch and really exquisite, the best I’ve eaten so far), and the “Café Georgette” (where the Belgian fries were very good). We also went through the inevitable step of the waffles… 

Monday, January 27th was my first day of Integration Week. We had a small presentation and then we visited the city thanks to a guide who spoke very quickly in English with an Irish accent. It was a lot of fun to listen to. 

Tuesday morning, introductory course on Europe and in the afternoon, demonstration of chocolate making at the “Concept Chocolate” in Brussels. I was able to get to know my room which I rented as a flat share in an apartment 30 steps from the school. I’m very happy with my accommodation because it’s big, right in the city centre and my flatmates are really nice.

Wednesday, introductory course in culture and in the afternoon a visit to the Magritte museum. I wanted so much to see the real painting “This is not a pipe” but after a google search, it is exposed in a museum in Los Angeles. It’s a shame. But I still had the opportunity to see the other paintings of the series. 

Thursday, introductory course on Belgium and in the afternoon, visit of the parlamentarium. 

On Friday we had a meal with all the ERASMUS in the restaurant “Le Roy d’Espagne” on the Grand-Place to eat chips! And yes, again and again. 

The following days we had our first lessons. Some of them I like a lot, others less, and I discover new ones that I intend to add to my list. 

We went to a cool HYPER bar, the Ebrius, where the atmosphere is crazy, young with an alcohol level that I’d rather not reveal. I was able to meet my buddy (godfather of the IHECS), a very nice guy who is part of the IHECS BDE.

We still keep walking around the city, and we pass by all the unmissable places in Brussels: the Galleries, the Grand Place, the Manneken and many other places that we discover during our many visits (bars are one of them). 

For the moment, I haven’t really had the opportunity to discover the districts around Brussels like Ixelles, Saint-Gilles, etc. but I plan to visit them in the coming weeks.



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