Get ready with us

Now we are well settle down in Brussels (since 1 month), I think it’s interesting to speak about our lives in general in Brussels.

First of all, you probably know that I live with Alexa in the same apartment. Clearly, our place is around everything. Now when we have to go to a place more than 15 min by feet we say that it’s far away… We are living in the Sablon’s borrow, at 10 min from IHECS (we can’t be late) and we are around 15 from the centre.

We have only courses on Tuesday, Wednesday, an Thursday. Our weekend starts on Thursday afternoon  and ends the Tuesday morning so a lots of travels are coming. Unfortunately, travelling means money and when I see how the first month gone we need to find a job. As you probably saw it (on Instagram) , Marie has already find a job in a café. This helps us to find motivation with Alexa and to have a job in Brussels. We will give our CV in all bars restaurants and café which are searching for students to work.  

Next to this, we are meeting some other people and student through the time. As we are in the French programme we are mostly with people who are speaking French but we are in a good mood and now we are beginning to hang out with other Erasmus student (hurray). We are often going out and we have our “habits bar” : le Big Game, le Mezzo, l’Ebrius … drinks are not that expensive and the atmosphere is really nice. 

Obviously we are working, we don’t forget that we have an exam session at the end of the semester. Actually we have all our courses in amphi except one ( the one  I talked to you few days ago). As I am talking to you about this course, we recorded our scene about “Pulp Fiction” during one all day with Lina Lisa Alexa Louison and me. Such a hard work. That needs a lot of concentration, but this help us to have a team work experience, to know each other better and to have a good day.

I think you understood it, the student life in Brussels’s is such a pleasant life. Despite the weather which sometime gives us bad mood, we are programming many trips and adventures. First we went to Anvers but you have to know that Bruges and Lieges are our next destination for sure.  So keep reading us and following us to know everything about our gateway.


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