Firsts steps in Stuttgart !

With our suitcases weighting about 4 times our own weight and a train delay of about 1 hour, we finally arrived in Stuttgart on Friday 1st March ! We have been immediately welcomed by our buddys and took to our living places. For me, I settle in the student residency Filderbahnplatz, where pretty much all the international students live. A real community felling is in this place, we have been immediately integrated to the group. Here, the key words are: whatever you do, whenever you go, you will never be alone. A good way to feel at home and surrounded by amazing people.

And now begins the exploration of Stuttgart! Stuttgart is a very large German city, and very well serviced by transports. The city centre is surrounded by hills so you can see the city from different levels, that’s wonderful ! The most important monuments of Stuttgart are in the city centre. Schlossplatz for example is the main place in town, where all the things are happening. We can also find the New Castle there, the old king’s house.

Around Shlossplatz, there is the Old Castle but also the magnificent opera. You even have the chance to see a beautiful lake in front of it, where we met ducks !

Unfortunately, Stuttgart has been very hit during World War II. That is why the old monuments are rare in town, some even had to be rebuilt. But when we wander in the streets, we can find richness in the architecture.

Then, we took our first steps into our school for the next 5 months : Hochschule der Medien. We have been welcomed by the teaching and international teams, but also by the students and the ESN : Exchange Student Network. An association built by students who organised a lot of events for our 2 first weeks in Stuttgart ! We have one week of discoveries and meetings left, then the serious stuffs (lessons) are going to start.

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