Civic engagement

It has now been more than 4 weeks since the Erasmus experience began and I have been able to get to know my courses and their content better. Although all the courses I have chosen are interesting, there is one in particular that I would like to tell you about. 

This is the “Civic Engagement” course, in reality it is not really a course because in order to validate it, it requires a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer work within an association whose theme is the human condition. 

During the introductory course, the person in charge of this course told us that it is totally possible to do more than 30 hours of volunteering and in fact almost all the students exceed this quota. To guide us, a table with various associations on different themes was given to us. 

We could find associations on :

  • support for migrants, 
  • homeless support 
  • LGTBQI+ support for migrant women,
  • integration of refugees, 
  • asylum seekers support, 
  • support for nursing home.

So many important themes in which I could find a strong personal and cultural enrichment. However, I had to choose only one from the proposed list. 

Thus, after having studied the different actions and particularities of each of them, I volunteered as a volunteer in the association SINGA, which accompanies and facilitates the integration of refugees. 

Even if I have not yet start to work within the association I know in advance that I could contribute to the animation and the good implementation of the various activities proposed (sports, playful, cultural and artistic) but also participate in the moment of exchange during the organized discussions. 

The reason I’m telling you about this initiative is because I think the IHECS had an excellent idea. Indeed, encouraging volunteer work through a course in conjunction with local associations offers an advantage for both the student and the association. In my opinion, this kind of concept should be developed further.

Finally, at the end of the hours worked within the association, a file of a maximum 4 pages must be drawn up. This includes a presentation of the organisation and the missions carried out as well as the impressions felt.


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