Bright Festival

One of the many advantages about living in Brussels is to be at the heart of all the activities the capital offers. This was the case from 13 to 16 February during Bright Brussels, a light festival. This festival follows a guided road by the various street lamps of the city, each covered with a pink sheet. It consists about fifteen artistic and interactive light installations. 

The Bright Festival has been for me the chance to wander three times, from the historic heart of the upper city to the lower part of the capital. An opportunity to discover the heritage of these districts from a whole new angle. Indeed, we were all bewitched by the magical atmosphere offered by the play of sound and light. It is not difficult to imagine the amount of work and the technical means mobilized for the staging of these animations.

To mention only my favorite animations, I would first choose the light and sound composition of Notre-Dame De La Chapelle. As churches are usually silent places, this immersive experience particularly caught my attention.

Notre-Dame De La Chapelle

I was also transported by the poetic universe of the bird-shaped Luminéoles. One could admire these birds of light floating above the Parc du Mont des Arts; a fascinating aerial show.

Finally, I was able to take a new look at the famous Grand Place in Brussels, which is fully illuminated. The architecture of its monuments was sublimated by the sequence of different colors that were reflected on its ornaments. 


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