Balance sheet : Erasmus 2019 Bruxelles

Maud & Jade in Anvers, Belgium


And that’s the end of those wonderful five months. A brief feedback on this Erasmus experience.

I went to live 5 months in Brussels, the capital of Europe. At first sight Brussels didn’t seem very exotic to me, half of the country’s inhabitants speak French and the culture is similar. Yet I have learned a lot from those five months there, now I know the complexity of this country divided into three languages and three cultures and its traditions.

What I would remember most about this incredible journey is my encounters. An Erasmus is sharing a few months of courses with international students. Ihecs welcomes many different nationalities: USA, Canada, Peru, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Germany, Sweden. It is a chance to be able to interact with all these students and learn by listening to their stories.
Also, I had the opportunity to travel in Europe, discovering the history of each country, traditions, architecture and culinary specialities I really enjoyed.

Erasmus allows us to get away from our daily life and comfort, we live with new people and we develop our open-mindedness. I think this will be a real advantage for working in the communication field.

I am very happy to have been able to participate in this Erasmus programme and if you have the opportunity, I would have only one thing to say to you: leave. It is a real experience to live!


Thankful, growing, flourishing. These are the 3 months that would describe me after my 5 months spent in Erasmus in Brussels. To experience an erasmus is to discover a new country, a new culture, new people from all over the world and to follow new courses.

I enjoyed the courses I took at IHECS, especially the Marketing course. I realized that marketing and communication are actually intimately linked, and learning the basics of marketing will inevitably be useful for my professional future.

But the Erasmus experience is much more than just new courses. I was able to meet wonderful people from all over the world. Exchanging with them and discovering their cultures has taught me a lot and I would always be grateful for that.

Jade and I have had the chance to travel a lot: Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, Malta, but also small Belgian cities like Antwerp, Bruges and Gant. I can’t say which city I liked the most because it was a different experience each time. Already a traveler at heart before leaving, this was confirmed!

And I continue my adventure this summer with a roadtrip in Andalusia and Portugal and then in Budapest!
I was also able to discover Belgium and Brussels. It is a very dynamic and student city and the Belgians are very nice!

I therefore recommend that you all have an Erasmus experience at least once during your studies! Leave without hesitation, you won’t regret it!
Personally, I intend to go back abroad if the opportunity arises!
Thank you all for following our adventures on Read and Ride and I hope that the next ones will live this experience as well as we did!


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