Picture by Clara Serrano

It’s been one week and a half that we are at Brussels and I did not think feeling that good.  The atmosphere in the streets, the different languages and the waffle’s smell in the street give me the best Brussel landscape. This is not a legend, in Brussels, it’s smells French fries and waffles. By the way speaking about waffles, I have to introduce you a little place that I particularly like when a waffle and a glass of hot win are in my hands. This place called “Agora place” and on an extern point of view, this place could be a crossroads close to the “Grand place” the museum and  the “Royals Galleries”. Three time I’ve been there, seating at the “Waffles and churros” table (wich is the best Waffle maker ever) and looking at people. The atmosphere is in here between an opera woman singer, some instruments players (that I already don’t know the instrument’s name), an atypical dancer, we are feeling like in an other place than Brussels.

So, if you wanna taste a waffle and drnk a glass of hot win in the same time than being behind the “Royals Galleries” ( which are fabulous), I invite you to walk through this place, taking your time and looking at people, painter, music players….Here we are, welcome to Brussels.


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